Eircom WEP Calculator for Netopia Routers v1.02
Share   damohere - Wednesday September 24, 2008 12:23 UTC - http://hostj2me.com/a/46s

1.02 update:
You should be able to copy the WEP textfield to clipboard now *for phones that support this only*

Use this tool tool to generate a valid WEP key based on the SSID set on Netopia routers for Eircom. You can now send the wep key automatically to anyone if your phone book via SMS!

Note: This tool is to only be used on your own network. Under no circumstances are you to use this tool to aid accessing someone else's wireless network illegally.

Note: This tool works providing that the original SSID and/or WEP key have not been change from what it was originally set to.

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