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For 2012, we are focusing on the Android™ platform. We will continue to support our J2ME tools and welcome all new J2ME developers.

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Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
Whether you filed months ago or are scrambling today to turn in everything before the deadline – chances are you could benefit from some helpful hints to keep the process pain-free.
Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
Spring storms can be dangerous – and very sporadic. To keep you safe, here are a few tips to help prepare for severe weather.
Friday Apr 11, 2014
Friday Apr 11, 2014
Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
AT&T1 today announced that it will be among the first carriers to bring Windows Phone 8.1 to its large portfolio of Windows devices.
Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
AT&T1 today confirmed that it will offer the Nokia Lumia 635 LTE smartphone this year.